Time-lapse of the Lek Yeun Bridge in Sha Tin, Hong Kong

This week I spent a few days in Hong Kong.  Fortunately I had a wonderful view of the Lek Yeun Bridge and beyond from my hotel room.  Having my trusty tripod, Intervalometer (sponsored link) and Canon 7D, I set up the camera to photograph sunrise from my hotel room.  Unfortunately, we had mostly rainy days this week, so it is sunrise without the sun… you’ll see. Anyway, the first 3 images in the sequence are actually from 10:15PM, the rest are from 5:30AM until 6:40 AM, 1 minute apart.  The first three images may be distracting but I like seeing the city with all the lights on and seeing the river water level dropping.

(The intervalometer has a delay setting so I did not have to wake up to do this but the shutter clicking every minute was kind-of like Chinese water torture).

To learn how to create such a time-lapse sequence read this blog entry.

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You can watch the video on Youtube here: http://youtu.be/oiCrNjV3i9c or watch embedded on the page below.

4 Responses to Time-lapse of the Lek Yeun Bridge in Sha Tin, Hong Kong

  1. Terrific shot, Robert.

  2. On my mac the video never finishes loading.

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