St. Mary’s Church

This weekend my Church: St. Mary’s in Franklin MA will be holding their annual St. Rocco’s feast.  It is a wonderful affair with great food, rides and games.  A band also plays and it is a great time to meet the community.

ST. Mary's ChurchOf course there is fund-raising.  I will have on display a couple of copies of my photo book: St. Mary’s Parish Church as seen at Christmas.  All donations will be going to St. Mary’s.

 (Click the image to see more pictures.)


Interested parties can buy the book by selecting this link.  A $20 donation will be made to the parish.

I hope to see you feasting at the feast!


A Trip To London

Spent the week on a business trip to England.  Added a visit to London to spend a day photographing this great city.  I spent the day walking around the River Thames.  From Westminster to the Tower of London then back again, about a 6 mile walk.

I photographed almost everything along the path.

You can see my favorite photos following this link.

Big Ben's Tower


Pecha Kucha

This week I participated in a program at the Stony Brook Camera Club called Pecha Kucha.  Pecha Kucha means “Chatter” in Japanese.


The Journey. Advice for those starting out.

Pecha Kusha is a presentation style where a person shows 20 slides in 6 minutes and 40 seconds (20 seconds a slide).  The presentation style was first deployed 2003 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham.

You can learn more and watch other presentations at the PechaKucha website.

My presentation is called “The Journey”.  I approached my presentation from the perspective of it being a “Last Lecture”.  One that inspired by Randy Pauch in 2007.

You can see my presentation on Vimeo.

You can see the images on my website.


Creating Your Photographic Workflow 2015

Photographic Workflow 2015

This week I will be presenting to the South Shore Camera Club.  I will be discussing workflow.  (That is as long as the New England weather holds out, we are expecting a blizzard).

Workflow seems to be a popular subject for photographers.  Making sense on how they should process images can be a challenge.

I learnt workflow through Scott Kelby’s book “The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers”.  (See sponsored link below).  He covers everything you need to know on workflow.  He uses Lightroom which I highly recommend as the tool for file management by photographers.


I was also asked to provide some detail on backing up my files.  “Backup” is a critical subject and something not everyone manages correctly.  I do not know what I would do if I lost all my images. A few years back we had a tornado watch in my part of MA.  A rare thing.  It actually touched down and you can still see the damage two years later.  Anyway, I ran home to be with my family, just in case.  As the sky color got weird, and the news reports said “seek shelter”, I grabbed my wife, child and hard drive of my images and we moved to a corner of the basement.  Yup that backup external hard drive was so important, I passed up many other important items in my home to save my images.

I now have offsite backup, just in case I cannot be home and some disaster takes out my image library.  (What is your backup strategy?)

Anyway, I am also attaching my presentation Photographic Workflow 2015 in case you want to take a look.  I’m still tinkering with it but this set should be good.  It is missing my jokes and demo but has enough info, I think, to help you get started.


Top Images of 2014

I’ve got it down to my top 24 images of 2014.  It is brutal to delete some images that deserve honorable mention.  I wanted to avoid overloading this blog posting and 24 is already too many, but there you go.  Images are an extension of the ego of the photographer after all and these images we create are our babies.  (Of course our real children are more important but I hope you understand the analogy.)

Many of the images you see below are experiments in new technique.  Many HDR, but some high-speed and some slow speed panning.  I shook my camera on purpose, build sets in my basement and went to new locations to shoot.  I also listened to Joe McNally speak (portraits) and attended a macro seminar.  All in all, I think this added variety to my work.  Of course there are a couple of stables, my image of the Boston Marathon and Buttonwood farm are also part of the collection.

I did more portraits this year.  Created a set up in my basement and photographed friends and family.  None of these images made it to the top of my list as I consider these images differently than what I consider “Fine Art”.

I also gave away some images to my caregivers while I was sick earlier this year.  Two now hang at the Dana Farber facility in Milford, MA near the radiation treatment center.  One at Beth Israel hangs in the Brain Center.  Another is hanging on the wall at Elizabeth’s bagels in Franklin MA and one more image is part of an installation for a new building in Boston (location still secret).

So on this Jan 1 2015 post, I wish everyone a wonderful year and may you set out to meet all your goals in life.



My top image of 2014,

St. Anne woman’s collegiate church, Munich, Germany.

This is definitely my favorite image of the year.  It is one of those moments that just all came together for me.
Window and the Bike | St. Anna women's collegiate church is a chapel in Munich, Germany.  It was commissioned in the 18th century by Elector Charles Albert (later the Emperor Charles VII)) and the cornerstone was laid in 1733.  The architect was Johann Baptist Gunetzrhainer, while the Asam brothers were responsible for the interior.

Runners up

Playing with Fire… don’t tell your childrenIgnition | Playing with Fire 2014.

High Speed Photography: Elphabab: The floating Green Martini

Elphaba: The Floating Green Martini | High speed photography of a floating glass being filled with a funky beverage.  Elphaba is the wicked witch of the West.

Strawberry Drop – Strawberry and Cream
Strawberry Drop | High speed photography of a strawberry dropping into a bowl of cream... Yum.

Winter impression

Winter impressionist Portrait | Impressionist photography of an apple tree in my mother-in-law’s backyard.

Man in motion

Man in motion | Boston Marathon 2014,  Slowing down the shutter as these racers move through Ashland, MA.

 Whitehall Reservoir

Whitehall Reservoir | Found this ramp near the shore of the Whitehall Reservoir.  The ramp was secured for the winter on safe ground.  Waiting for warmer days as the sunsets.

Tower Hill Botanical Garden

Framed Tulip | Tower Hill Botanic Garden

Lamp at Tower Hill Botanical Garden

Tower Hill Lamp | At the Tower Hill Botanical Garden there is more to see than just flowers.  One evening in June 2014 the sky turned orange and blue which complemented this lamp.

Selfie at Wings Neck Light House.

Selfie | At the Wings Neck Light.

Cinderella’s Castle – Magic Kingdom

I always wanted to create this image.  Had the hardest time removing the display glow from all the cell phones (and iPads) being used as cameras.

Light Show at the Magic Kingdom | Cinderella Castle transforms into a piece of living art at this nighttime show honoring the art of Disney storytelling.

Grand Atrium, At the Disney Fantasy.

The Grand Atrium | Early morning at the Grand Atrium.  Can you find the peacock?

Castaway Cay

Colors at the beach | Found at serenity bay, castaway cay, Bahamas.  Disney’s private get-away.

Buttonwood Farm 2014

Buttonwood Farm 2014 | My annual portrait captured at Buttonwood Farm.  This sunflower was near the barn giving a colorful backdrop.

Franklin Dean College Station

Franklin Dean Station | The train pulling into Dean Station at Franklin MA.  Long exposure as the train rolled in.

Friendly Fenway Park

The Front Office | Front door to Fenway Park.  Love how the curves look like a baseball.

Friendly Fenway Park | Had a chance to photograph Fenway Park during player warmups.  This is a wide angle view of Fenway from third base.  They had already lost the season but opened their doors to thank their adoring fans.

Lining up for the start of the game | Sunset at Fenway Park

Old man in the tree.

The old man in the tree. | Rare tree found in Franklin MA

Stained Glass at Mount Auburn – Story Chapel

Stained Glass at Mount Auburn | Image captured at the Story Chapel / Mount Auburn Cemetary
Bethlehem Steel
Bethlehem Steel Shed | Remains of a shed at Bethlehem Steel

Ruins at Bethlehem Steel |

Shack at the Stack Bethlehem Steel | This image shows scale.  Notice the comparison of size of the stacks to the doors and ladders.b
Christmas at St. Mary’s Church: Franklin MA
ST. Mary's Church | Christmas in Franklin MA