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Work Flow Again

I’m giving a class on workflow again.  This time to the Stony Brook Camera Club my home club.

I just finished editing and updating the presentation.

Pricing on storage continues to go down which is great for people looking for cloud storage options.  My workflow continues to be stable.

Here is the workflow presentation.

Workflow 2016



Last night at the Stonybrook Camera Club here in Wrentham, MA, ( I had a chance to present a class on workflow.  In the planning of this workshop, I decided to focus on helping the photographer define their own workflow by identifying the elements important in creating their own.  I outlined 6 major steps from capturing the image to delivering the finished product.  The ideas behind each step came from a conversation I had online at the Canon EOS Digital Photography Forum on LinkedIn along with research across the web plus my own point of view.

My workflow centers around Adobe’s Lightroom so I also have to send a thank you to Scott Kelby for writing the book on Adobe Light Room workflow:

I just posted the slides on my website at  It is available for use under creative commons license. 

For those wondering how the presentation went.  For the most part I think very well.  I think the Powerpoint posted was well received.  I did have a few “Murphy Law” issues.  My projector overheated prior to starting because it was placed in a closed cabinet and my Lightroom catalog became corrupted which never happened before.  Luckily I had a backup. 

Web References used in this presentation:

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