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Photo Friday 5: Abstracts


Photo Friday: Abstracts

The Back Story

Inspired by Andre Gallant a Canadian freelance photographer, today’s Photo Friday is an abstract photo taken while riding on a the AMTRAK Acela Express somewhere between Boston and Washington DC.  Andre creates images through a number of creative manipulation techniques that are created mostly in camera.  In a genre he calls Expressionism he will shake his camera on purpose, create montages, pan his camera at a slow shutter speed and use multiple exposes to create very unique photography. He has a number of books available from his website that goes over these techniques.

While riding on a train to DC, I was trying to shoot images from the inside, behind the windows.  Not an optimal experience where the windows were dirty, the train was bouncing and the landscape was mostly boring.  So taking a lead from what I learn in a presentation by Mr. Gallant, I created the abstract below. 

You can check my website for more abstract photos. 

Rails 2 Abstract | Along the Amtrak Rail 


This image was created as the train passed through a train station without stopping.  What you see is the platform and two sets of rails.  Having  lines across the image along a diagonal gives the image dimension and brings the eye from left to right.   There is a vanishing point to the right causes the observer to wonder what is off to the right.  There is nothing in focus in this image yet the rails gives the eye someplace to rest.  In addition the motion blur convey momentum.

Notice in the upper right hand corner is a bridge which is the overpass to the north bound tracks.  Also notice the reflections of lights from inside the train, their angle works well with the angle of the tracks and the station.

Technical Details


  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
  • Lens: EF24-105 F/4L IS USM


  • ISO 100
  • Shutter speed 1/5 sec
  • F14
  • 24 mm focal length
  • White balance 5450K


Hold the camera as close to the window of the train as possible to reduce reflections from inside the cabin.  Hold camera steady and let it ride up and down with the train.  Wait for stations to come into view.  Press shutter. Selecting the proper shutter speed is key.  I needed a slow enough camera speed to create the motion blur that was pleasing to the eye.  The shutter speed had to vary along with the speed of the train so I needed to adjust shutter speeds, shoot, look at results and adjust.  Through trial and error it took several shots  to figure out the proper shutter speed based on the train speed.

Post Processing

A little cropping
Increased clarity in Lightroom by 19%



New Galleries

I just made some minor re-work to the website.  I created two “Galleries”.  One is my portfolio of images the other are prints for sale.  The differences are that the portfolios contain a broad number of images from various events.  These images are what I consider my four or five star images.  The images for sale are my five star images or in the case of the Penny Download section images that might be useful for websites, PowerPoint, wall paper, screen savers.


In addition, I added a new portfolio gallery of Sunflowers.