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One Picture at a Time

I’ve been on a journey over the last two years, rekindling my love of photography.  The catalyst of this love came from the move to a digital SLR camera after years of different digital point and shoot cameras and two decades of a Canon A1 SLR camera. 

With Digital SLR’s becoming so capable, reaching price points that can be tolerated for the serious amateur photographer, there is a new groundswell for photography.  I anticipate that this will grow and many people will be looking to learn how to take better pictures.  In a desire to share what I’ve learned I’m starting this blog to document interesting things I learn along the way, one picture at a time.

It begins with this picture.  Taken two years ago while on the Disney Cruise Liner “Magic”.  It is a sunset off Key West, Florida.  I made this picture “wallpaper” for my work computer to remind me of a wonderful vacation.  It was this picture that caused a colleague to suggest I join the camera club he is part of.  I felt I wasn’t good enough and made up excuses why I couldn’t join.  A year later, after continued suggestions that I join, I joined.  (More on clubs in future blogs).  But one thing for certain, I am glad I joined because it is within a club that you learn how to move from taking snapshots to making photography.


I learned how to take the original picture and with minimal amount of modification, bring closer to home the story of the photograph.  I hope in future blogs, I can explain how and what this means.

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